Tuscany is coming…Official Release

Look at my friend’s newest release which is coming soon! Loving it…

Stephanie Hurt - Romance Author


This is one happy author this morning! Tuscany which was contracted with Solstice publishing will officially release September 30th! To say I’m excited doesn’t even touch the pounding of my heart this morning.

Tuscany has been such a special book for me. It carried me to the top 55 of Harlequins So You Think You Can Write contest and now it’s about to be published by Solstice! Something happened to me as I wrote this book, I grew as a writer. I stepped out of my box and pushed the international envelope, carrying the writer to Tuscany, Italy in this sweet romance. I can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with Lana and Romeo!

I’ll be posting more as the links are available, but save the date, September 30th! To say I’ll be blowing social media up that day is an understatement.

So, here’s to good writing and May…

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Justin’s coming…


Justin is coming August 28th, but are you ready? The Lane brothers are sexy, country boys. They will make your mouth water and have you wanting more. So, let’s meet the youngest Lane brother, Justin.

Justin is the youngest of the Lane brothers. He has a college degree in business and a life degree in foul language, the way around a woman’s body, and bourbon. His appetite for sex is well known around town. But when the right lady walks by, he puts that aside to make her his, but it comes with a price, a heavy price.

Justin Front Cover

Preorder today, that way you wake up August 28th with Justin!


Justin – Your next book boyfriend!

Justin Front Cover

Justin is on preorder now! He will be released on August 28th, but starting around midnight it will only cost .99 to preorder this gorgeous piece of man. You’ll fall in love with this lusty country boy. Then be on the lookout for Cooper and Stetson. The Lane Brothers are nice to look at, but with their filthy mouths and healthy sexual appetite, you’ll be wanting more and more!!!

Check out the blurb:

Justin, the oldest of the Lane brothers (and the wildest), was finally home. Coming back was easy, now all he had to do was get back into his old life. Then he set eyes on Kristy Barnes, his best friend’s younger sister. She’d grown up since he’d been away and Justin was having a hard time focusing on right and wrong. The right thing would be to leave her alone, but Justin just wanted to do the wrong thing.

Warning: This story contains mature themes and some language not appropriate for children. Intended for 18+ readers only.

So, are you ready to meet the Lane Brothers? Preorder today so that when you wake up on August 28th he’ll be there waiting for you!

Margaritas and writing…

I’m on the home stretch for White Roses. So, it’s margarita time! When I’m on a deadline, I need wine or margaritas, either will do. It helps my fingers fly over the keys and remarkably I type and make sense. Of course, getting up and walking afterwards, not recommended.

Let me introduce you to my bad boy billionaire, Wade Barfield. He’s a hard-nosed businessman with a head for getting things done. But this billionaire has a bad side, one that many women have tried to tame, but got left in the wake of his sexual needs and wants. Then one night at the symphony, he sees Valerie Hanover, a concert pianist and his world turns upside down.  As she runs her fingers over the keys, he’s lost. The music she plays does something to himWhite Roses front cover. He must have her.

He’s amused when he learns that she works for him. That’s when he puts a plan in place to get her in his bed. But once he has her, can he let her go like the hundreds of others before her?

White Roses is on preorder now… https://www.amazon.com/White-Roses-V-Steele-ebook/dp/B01FUZ8WYK

Wine or Beer?


A reader asked me one day why most of my characters, well the females drink wine. It’s quite simple. I drink wine, especially when I’m writing. I drink red wine, white wine, sweet wine, dry wine, did I say I like wine…

For my male characters, they mostly drink whiskey, scotch or bourbon. My newest series has bourbon in the name. There’s also a lot of beer passing around the bar and even the female characters are beer drinkers. Hey, it’s about country boys, so you have to have beer. I like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, with salt and lime.

So, what’s your preference or even your characters choice?



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The Adventure has begun…

Seeking Life, Finding Love Front Cover

The big release was yesterday! This book was an adventure in an adventure. I ventured into new territory with this one. Everyone has a bucket list, but when you decide to take a chance and experience life, and the one person you’ve tried to forget is the only one that’s available to help, what do you do? Well, you take a leap and see where it takes you.

Together they tame the fire that once burned them! But in the taming, comes healing of the soul.



Pre-orders up and going…

Well, after a busy time writing, I’ve got three manuscripts up for pre-order. My schedule is full of upcoming releases all the way through April 2017. So this busy romance writer is stepping up to the plate.

I’m super excited about all of my new releases, but the series, Boots, Bourbon, & Braun that’s coming soon will blow your mind with three sexy country boys. Believe me the heat in these books will have you fanning for weeks after you read them.


So, if you’re looking for something to read over the next couple of months, may I make a suggestion or a couple of them…